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Mother and Dad’s Wedding

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May 3, 1941


May 3, 1941

(Memories from Keenie  May 2017)


Mass took place at the chapel at St. Andrew-on-Hudson in what is now considered Hyde Park, NY, but in the day it was considered Poughkeepsie.  Father Weber SJ officiated at the Mass which was followed by a breakfast at the Nelson House.  Dad’s roommate from Dartmouth was the best man. Keenie was the Maid of Honor. According to Keenie, “I looked terrific in a long dress that had white lace on the bodice   with apple and green coloring in the skirt. I had a wreath and bouquet of mixed flowers.” Mother’s bouquet was also multicolored. They all came from Weir Florist in Brooklyn.

There were about 100 guests, many of whom stood outside the small chapel looking in the windows during Mass. Mother’s brother Uncle Edward SJ was at the Jesuit novitiate at that time

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