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Memories of Keenie

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Celeste wrote in an email on 11-30-2020

Take a moment to remember our dear Keenie – today her birth day. I hyphenated on purpose.
She was such a fun person- with a little quirks – as we all have.
Her devotion to All of her numerous family members was a gift to us all. She was a treasure of McGinty history. She was a true and devoted sister to her only sister our Remare. Each and every day she would do errands to make Remare’s life with 12 children easier . She was a gem!!
I have always loved her!
I miss you – my dear Keenie

John SJ responded:


I completely concur.  One particular customary reflection of her generosity of spirit were Sunday afternoon trips, after our 1 pm Sunday dinner.  I remember that on most Sundays Kennie would drive her Grandma and Grandpa and some of us Piderit children either out to visit Uncle Jay and Aunt Connie or just for a ride in the countryside.  We children loved it, and it gave Mother some time to get things done or rest.  Keenie was a vital part of our experience and formation as children and long afterwards.


Tom added:

Keenie loved all the phone calls she would get on her birthday and as Ed would think of all the fun things he could make Kennie for her birthday dinner, the request would end up being ‘a hotdog’.
Love to all,

Francis added:

John’s reflections and Tom’s note are linked by the magic phrase “hot dogs.”

Keenie’s tradition of taking us out for drives continued through all our years. The destination would often be Breezy, and the return trip invariably featured a stop for hot dogs at the restaurant in Cross Bay that was more like an overgrown roadside stand. Considering the number of  nutritionally useless and carcinogen-packed but highly edible hot dogs we consumed there, plus every Saturday night (Clare was the champion), and then of course throughout the summer months, it is a miracle we are all still here to celebrate her day.

(How fitting that Cross Bay led directly to Howard Beach, where more temptation awaited ‘Lucky’ in search of scratch-offs.)

Ann added:

 I think over the years, we all made an effort to give her that birthday call that she loved. She got to tell us about her day whether it was lunch with Remare you and Cecily or Ed’s fried bologna. In her driving days, she would always buy herself a birthday gift! I always thought that was a great idea as she always knew exactly what she wanted. My memory of the trips to Rockaway/Breezy did have the stop at Howard Beach…..maybe there was a merry-go-round along Crossbay?? This is a quote from someone who lived in Howard Beach in the late 50’s. “There were also businesses dedicated to “kiddie rides” and places where people of a younger age could go to enjoy themselves.” However, I do not remember enjoying a hot dog. Keenie would get one….Grandma….not sure…If I/we got anything it was a taste of Keenie’s fries. Now the aroma I remember! Perhaps it was during my time that there were too many of us to get the hot dogs and the younger ones benefitted from the fewer numbers on those trips. I also remember her love for Lewis’s of Woodhaven!  What a great store. In any event, if you want to see some photos of Keenie double click on the link. Birthday Keenie!  Love, Ann with tech help from JPG

Juleen added:

Thank you for honoring Keenie as a wonderful part of our family. We could always count on her presence at the end of her day.  We were able to share with Keenie regarding our events at school as well has after school activities. She was a special and caring aunt always with positive memories.

Thank you Celeste for her role in our lives that we can all remember.

God Bless her


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