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Fr. Jack’s Ordination and Edward McGinty SJ First Vows

Fr. Jack’s Ordination


Keenie’s Recollections with

Clarifications by Fred  Piderit III

The McGinty Family History  by Keenie   as reported to Ann     March 20, 2017


__________ and Elizabeth Barry lived in Lower Manhattan. St. Patrick’s was their parish. The children were Ann, John, Mary, Joseph, James (twin sister died soon after birth), Josephine and Agnes.

I assume here that Keen refers to James McGinty (b. +/- 1838 in New York). They lived on the West Side around 4th or 5th Street. While this is not important, I would highlight two important facts about James and Elizabeth (Bessie). First of all, James dies in 1899 leaving Bessie, who is 57, with her seven surviving children as well as a sister, Mary Barry, who lived with the family. This striking parallel to Grandma Piderit’s mother who lost her husband early on and raised six children (admittedly much younger) is worth noting. From the information that I have 11-13 children were born, but only seven survived. Grandpa, John J., who is 24 when his father dies will continue to live with his mother until he marries Kate in 1911 at the age of 36.

Secondly, I infer that Bessie moves the family to Brooklyn after James’ death.

Thirdly, further back that James the track runs out rather quickly. We know that James was the oldest of five children born to Patrick McGinty of Ledevenat, County Monaghan (1807-1891) and Hannah Meighan who died in 1880. The four other children were Ellen, Patrick, John B, and Henry of whom we know their birth dates, but little else. As David and Betsy Fuchs have reported, our knowledge of Patrick’s mother and father, Bridgit Connoly and James McGinty is even thinner.

After several years in NYC, the McGinty’s moved to Brooklyn 875 Putnam Avenue. They moved into a three story brownstone house. House was on the same block as Our Lady of Good Counsel Church and school where we all went.

I would recall that Aunt Mary, Agnes, and Josephine trained as school teachers in Brooklyn at the Maxwell Training School.

The surprise here is that this is the same house that John J. and Kate would move to in 1925 with their five children! So what’s the story here?

I recall that Bessie owned and lived at 875 Putnam Avenue after James’ death—perhaps even as early as 1901. John J. is certainly living there in 1906 and continues to live in this house until he marries Kate in 1911.

Before living at 875 Putnam Avenue, our grandparents had lived at Hancock Street (1911-12?), 1631 President Street (1913-1917) where Father Jack, Jerry, and Ed were born and than at 25 Bleeker Street (1917-1919) where Mother and Keen were born. The famous 25 Bleeker Street residence had originally been owned by the Menahan patriarch John Menahan, Kate’s father.

After several years the Aunties moved to Brooklyn Heights near the St. George Hotel. Next to the Hotel was where Mother and Keenie would visit the Aunties. While there they would go to see the swimming pool at the hotel. Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary had they own apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Their church was the Church of the Assumption.

After living there for some time, the McGinty’s moved back to Manhattan. Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack (Donahue) lived at Park Avenue and 86th Street. Joe, Josephine, and Agnes moved to Lexington and 87th Street. Their church was now St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue and 84th Street.

This is confusing to me because US Federal Census has Joe, Josephine and Agnes living in the same residence in Brooklyn until 1940 so their move to Lexington and 87th must have been after the war.

Keenie later verbally added Haddon Hall and the Traymore in Atlantic City where the Aunties would go for visits in the summer. She also mentioned that after leaving Putnam Avenue the family moved to Flatbush  (Bleeker street) and lived on the same block as Foxy)

I think that Keenie is misremembering here (see the residence sequence above. From 1914, Peter Fuchs’ family lived across the street from the Menahans on President Street—this is how Uncle Peter met Anne Menahan (aka Foxy). After their wedding in 1921, they moved to Woodhaven first to an apartment of Jamaica Avenue where Edwin was born and then to 8550 Forest Parkway.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack had a house in upstate NY Mahopac. Aunt Mary did not like country living. It was quiet and dark, a far cry from the fun and glamour of the city. She and the Lexington Ave. group would spend time in the country. They went to Mass every day after which they would go shopping at nearby farms for their food. Uncle Jack had an Irish setter dog (Ballyhoo Boy of Knock Negree)  who apparently would hide when he saw the gun.

Everyone had chores to do after breakfast, some indoors and some outdoors.

Uncle Joe was a funny person telling jokes and stories all the time. He and Uncle Jack liked horse racing and kept track with the daily racing form.

James McGinty married Barbara and they had one child – Kathleen- a wonderful Irish step dancer. She went to competitions all over the world where she was a champion.

I am not sure to whom Keen is referring here. or in the next paragraph, but she must mean James G McGinty (1937-2010) who married Barbara Bulman and had two children Kathleen and Alexander Gizzo. (Kathleen McGinty had perhaps been involved with Inis Acla School of Irish Dance in Memphis TN?)

Jim Sr. married Edith  (Uncle Peter’s sister) Wright. They had two children – Gerard and Aloysius.

I wrote to David Fuchs about this. Edith Fuchs married a man named Henry Ebel. James S married Edith Wright, the mother of Gerard and Aloysius.

These two boys were raised by the Aunties as Jim had a drinking problem. The parents lived in Brooklyn but would come to visit at Rockaway Point. Edith worked in a bake shop and would come to visit with boxes of goodies from the bakery Ebinger’s). Keenie spoke about the blackout cake.

Uncle Jim loved to swim and float. We always knew where he was in the ocean because he would float on his back and we could always see his big tummy floating along.

Aloysius lived in Albany and had his own business (laundry). His kids were Michael, Mollie, TC, Sarah and Kathleen. Aloysius was married to Alice Bray who was a wonderful piano player. She also “loved” Grandma McGinty = “Kate” She came from California and met Al at a meeting of the Catholic Club – Newman Club at NYU. They rented a few summers on Fisherman’s Hill.

The name of Al’s business was the Berkshire Family Laundry (no longer exists). Al died in 1968 and Alice died in 1995 in Los Angeles. Mollie (1939) married Paul Nankivell and they live in Los Angeles where Mollie is a real estate agent. Sarah (1941) never married and she died in 2008 in Los Vegas. Michael (1944) died in 2014 in Newton, Mass. He was a graduate of BC and earned a MBA from BU. He worked for Sheraton International Group in Boston and co-founded ABAX Business Systems of Waltham Mass. He taught accounting as an adjunct professor at BU. As far as I know Therese lives in Costa Mesa CA. Kathleen married a man named Dunn and they have one child Rose J. Dunn. They live in Annapolis MD

Gerard became a CPA after graduation from NYU. He married Eleanor and they had three children: Jane, Barbara, and Jack. The girls married – Jack never married. Gerard and Eleanor had a house on Brandt walk in Rockaway Point just beyond the Sugar Bowl. In the winter they lived in New Jersey.

Gerard died in 1977 and Eleanor in 2001. They had four children. James G (1937) married Barbara Bulman and they had two children. For many years, they lived on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. I found a photo (attached to email cover) of Jim from the 1955 Fordham Prep yearbook and thought that I remembered him! Jim died in 2010. Jack (John J 1939) never married, but died in Houston Texas in 2009 and is buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetary, Hakensack NJ. Jane (1941) married Prendergast and has lived in Claremont, CA. She is (was) the principal of Sand Gabriel Unified School District (retired?) and, perhaps, a music journalist. Finally, Patricia (1946) married Barry Glennon and they live in Dover, NJ not very far from Joie.

John J. McGinty (Boppi McGinty) worked selling and delivering papers and then as a typesetter. (Journal American)

He did this while his sisters completed their preparation for becoming teachers at  The Maxwell Training School ( which at that time was equivalent to a college.)