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Celebrating Remare 2021

By January 14, 2021January 15th, 2021One Comment

Mother / Remare departed from this earthly life to her future existence in the presence of God three years ago. It seems so much longer than that . I am so happy that we were all able to visit her without the fear of Covid-19. That must be so incredibly hard for the many families who still have elderly parents at home and in nursing homes. Mother would want us to pray for those families. I invite all to share some memories of Mother at the bottom of the page or via email and I will add them to this post. If you send me pictures,  I can add to this celebration of Mother’s life.  God Bless Mother / Remare


Mary Menahan McGinty Piderit

11-11-1919 – 2-15-2018

Celeste wrote:

I remember many years ago living on Kimball Street with Sean and Tara as toddlers and I was commenting to Remare that I felt a bit guilty because everything was going so well for Larry and myself. She told me it won’t always be that way and that is one reason to pray so when challenges come your way you’ll be able to handle it with God’s love and grace.

I thought those were wonderful words of wisdom.

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  • Fred Piderit says:

    Thank you, Ann, for this rich tribute to Mother 2021! I particularly enjoyed the early McGinty photographs of the boys with their sister which appear to date back to the President Street house. Nevertheless, I will highlight for special comment the photograph of mother and dad on the front deck at Tioga with you, Joie, and Mary Alanah along the top row. This must have been taken shortly after they moved to Tioga, but the date of 1961 does not seem to be correct. Joie looks to me to be about 12-13? I cannot identify the children so perhaps you could help by adding their names. The special delights of this photograph for me are first of all how healthy mother and dad appear. Secondly, I was struck by the similarities of the smiles, yours and mother’s. I had never appreciated that you both had the same lovely smile.
    I often think of mother in those so difficult final years and have wondered how she herself experienced that time in her life. The fact is that she adored the beach, and Ocean House with Edward’s faithful service suited her final years wonderfully.

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